Electronic Reclining Chair Fran Dark Brown

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A classic-looking electric recliner designed with quality cushion for comfortable hand and foot treatments.
By adding a nail table to the sofa, the therapist can perform nail treatment with a relaxed posture.
1 Motor type: The backrest and footrest can be moved simultaneously with one button Soft and superb cushion! Easy reclining! Clean footrest! Enhanced vintage feel with stud designs!
Compatible with foot care stage! Reclining approx. 130°
1 Year Warranty
Semi Assembly Required
Normal size: W850 x H1040 x D910 mm
Reclined size: W850 x H840 x D1640 mm
Seat size: SW500 x SH450 x SD490 mm
Weight: 37kg
Material: High-quality artificial leather PU leather
(Polyurethane leather)
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