Beauty Experience Tint Bar 90g

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Beauty Experience Tint Bar 90g

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Specializing in accent colors!
A fashion color that achieves high-saturation color like hair manicure.

“Tintbar” is the first in the industry *1 to develop a unique line-up with only accent colors, expressing not only high brightness but also low brightness hair without turbidity and pure vividness.
We respond to diverse color designs that stir up inspiration.
High saturation colors are achieved without bleaching, and a wide range of color expressions are possible.

Adopting a character-like naming that makes each color stand out, so that hairdressers and customers will want to say it.
The package has a product design that makes you want to use and decorate, pursuing “pop and cute” like Korean idols.

The scent of “Herbal & Flower”, which is inspired by freshly picked flowers, changes from fresh and refreshing lemon and chamomile to a clear and clean scent of rose, lily of the valley, camphor and woody. Of course, you can spend comfortably after returning home.

* 2 agents are “THROW Oxy 6% (HD-3090N) / 3% (HD-3089N)” is recommended.

Features of "tintbar" that achieves high saturation color development

In contrast to hair manicure (acidic color), which adds color to the surface of the hair without bleaching the hair and develops a highly saturated color, hair color (alkaline color) bleaches the hair while adding color to the inside of the hair, so there is no turbidity. It can express vivid colors.
Another feature is that it is easy to change colors because excess dye does not easily remain on the hair after fading.
"Tintbar" is particular about the dye composition, prescription design, and compounding ingredients, and realizes high saturation color development like hair manicure with hair color.
Not only high brightness, but also low brightness hair expresses pure vividness without turbidity.

(1) Dye composition designed for high-saturation coloring By increasing
the ratio of coupler dyes and nitro dyes, which are related to chroma, rather than the intermediate dyes to bring out the depth that is the main skeleton, the dye composition emphasizes the vividness of the colors. to
* Average dye composition of 10 vivid colors (10 colors excluding rich black, noble gray, melty brown, heroine beige, and clear)

2. "Waterrichcream" formula that develops clear color from the inside of the hair *2
The oil contained in the first agent controls the ease of application to the hair and the smoothness of the finish, but on the other hand, it forms a film on the surface of the hair. , has the property of preventing the penetration of "oxidation dyes" and "alkaline agents".
We have reduced the amount of oil to the minimum amount necessary to make the most of the benefits, and increased the amount of water to increase the penetration of the dye.

3. Contains “higher penetration” ingredients that enhance the penetration of dyes To help the penetration of oxidation dyes, CMC-like ingredients *3
that have high penetration into the hair and penetrating amino acids *4 are used as “higher penetration” ingredients. is blended to fix the dye and lead to uniform color development.

4. "gemlikegloss" ingredient that makes colors look vivid *5 Contains
"gemlikegloss" ingredient *5 , which suppresses stiffness caused by hair color and makes it easier to manage hair, preventing diffused reflection of light and giving it a glossy look. It leads to hair with hair.

* 1 Beauty Experience survey (as of September 2019)
* 2 Reduces oil content by about 31% and increases water content compared to our conventional products
* 3 N-lauroyl-L-glutamic acid di(phytosteryl/2-octyldodecyl) (hair protection) agent)
*4 Sodium lysine dilauroyl glutamate solution (wetting agent)
*5 (Hydrolyzed silk/PG-propylmethylsilanediol) crosspolymer (hair protection agent)

About brightness setting

The brightness setting of the tint bar is set to 6 levels. When black hair is treated, each hue expresses a deep color. It can also be used as a lightener because it has 14 levels for clearing only.

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