5 Common Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists Make To Avoid At All Costs

5 Common Mistakes Beginner Lash Artists Make To Avoid At All Costs

Being a lash artist requires proper training, lots of practice, and a great amount of dedication. But the multi-step process of applying eyelash extensions can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming one for a beginner, leaving much room for mistakes. If these mistakes are not corrected, they may very well turn into habits which could have a lasting impact on your lash career in the future. Here’s a list of common mistakes that beginner lash artists often make. Read on to significantly improve your lashing techniques by correcting these small details.

Using too much or too little glue

Using too much or too little glue eyelash extension in Singapore

If you have been wondering why your client's lashes are not as long lasting as they should be, one possibility could be due to the amount of eyelash glue that you’ve been using during application. To prevent a case of using too little eyelash extension glue, avoid swiping the lash glue as doing so creates a film of adhesive on the extension that will dry before getting a good grip on the lash. That said, using more glue is not going to provide longer retention either. Make sure you're using the correct amount by dipping the eyelash extension into the middle of the glue dot, and then slowly slide out. You’ll want to have a small coating covering 2mm from the bottom of the eyelash extension. 

Taking too much time to isolate lashes

Taking too much time to isolate lashes eyelash extension in Singapore

Many beginner lash artists spend a lot of time looking for an ideal natural lash to apply the eyelash extension to. But the thing is, every eyelash would need an extension applied to it, so it really doesn't really matter which lash you choose to do first. One tip would be to work on the difficult baby lashes first and get them out of the way. In this way, only the easier lashes are left towards the end of the treatment.

Not prepping the customer's lashes properly

Before starting on your eyelash application, it's crucial to ensure that your client has absolutely no makeup, dust or grime on her lashes. Use lash shampoo or protein wipes to clean the lashes first, and for the best results, always follow up with cleanser and primer. Be sure to also have a thorough pre-treatment when doing touch ups as well.

Going too close or too far from the lid

Eyelash extensions should be placed 0.5-1mm away from the skin along the lash line. This gives the natural lashes space to breathe and grow naturally. Having the eyelash extensions too close to the lashline will result in the lashes dropping prematurely, on top of risking an allergic reaction to the adhesive. On the other hand, lashes that are too far out will leave a visible gap making the lashes look like outgrowths and will require early touch ups.

Not placing eye patches correctly

Incorrectly placed eye patches will not only be extremely uncomfortable for your client, it can also lift up the inner corner lashes, resulting in an overall messy look. The eye patches should never be touching the waterline as doing so could lead to a chemical burn, or even bruising on the eyes. 

We hope these tips will be helpful in your career as a lash artist in Singapore. Keep in mind to avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be able to create flawless, long-lasting eyelash extensions that your clients are sure to love.

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