5 Spa Essentials You Need To Get To Ensure Your Customers Feel Comfortable

5 Spa Essentials You Need To Get To Ensure Your Customers Feel Comfortable

As the spa and wellness industry booms, customers are faced with an increasing number of options when it comes to taking a break from the stressors of life in Singapore. That is why it’s important to offer your services using high quality equipment, such as comfortable massage beds, providing only the best customer experience possible. Services delivered with competence will lead to customers being more likely to return. But how should you set your establishment apart from the rest? This article will share a few essentials you need to have in your business to ensure comfort for your customers, and higher customer satisfaction.

Salon grade towels

Salon grade towels spa supplies Singapore

Maintaining hygiene practices with frequent changes in salon towels is highly critical, especially in the current times of a pandemic. It is unsanitary to use the same towel without washes in between, so this means that your salon towels will be in and out of the washing machine and having to endure multiple washes. As such, you need salon towels that can withstand repeated uses, rather than a towel that begins to fall apart the first time it goes through the spin cycle. 

When choosing your salon towel, look for tight, high-quality stitching. Loose threads are a sure sign of poor construction. Double-turned edges, on the other hand, reinforce the towels with double rows of stitching and are less likely to come loose in the wash. 

Comfortable, sturdy massage bed

massage bed spa supplies Singapore

Your customers will be spending a majority of their time in your salon on massage beds, so it’s all the more reason to ensure your spa beds are both comfortable and durable at the same time. A high-quality massage bed that can comfortably hold the size and weight of your customers will be a big deciding factor in whether they will be returning in the future. 

Consider fabric such as PVC or PU leather as it is long-lasting and easy to sanitise after each use. It is also a non-breathable material and therefore suitable for the use of products such as creams or oils. Other factors to note include weight capacity and table width to cater to different body shapes and sizes, adjustable features, and foam thickness.

Massage oils

Massage oils spa supplies Singapore

Massage supplies like oils are a must-have if your business provides massage services. Jojoba oil is an excellent choice for massages because its structure is the closest to the natural sebum our skin produces and is quickly absorbed. Additionally, jojoba oil doesn’t stain linens, which is a bonus feature for massage therapists. You might also want to avoid scented oils and lotions, as some customers can be sensitive to smell, and the wrong scent could ruin their massage. In the event that you decide to use a massage oil that comes with a scent, be sure to run it by your customers prior to the session.

Disposable goods 

Disposable spa supplies like hair nets and pillow covers come with benefits like saving time and preventing  contamination. The time needed for washing and disinfecting supplies can be better spent serving customers instead. A quicker turnaround time between treatments also provides an advantage for busy spas and salons with a high volume of customers.

Spa robes

Gowns or spa robes allow customers to change out into something comfortable during their sessions at your salon. These come in different finishes depending on your choice of fabric. The most common ones are terry cloth and waffle spa robes. Terry cloth robes are highly absorbent and keep you dry and comfortable at the same time, while waffle spa robes come with embossed square weaving that allows air to penetrate the fabric for quicker drying. 

We hope this guide will help create the best experience for your customers. As a beauty maestro, you will need to continually procure the best equipment and products to improve your  services. Beauty Garage has a range of massage and spa supplies for all your salon needs. Reach out to us for more information today!

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