5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Shampoo Chair

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Shampoo Chair

Shampoo chairs are seats incorporating a sink. Its design enables one to comfortably rest their head over the edge of a basin, while their hair is being washed. When furnishing your salon, shampoo chairs are an important feature to put thought into as these offer both comfort and practicality for your customers. But with so many options available in the market, investing in the best one for your hair salon may seem like an intimidating task. Beauty Garage carries a range of barber chairs and other beauty necessities for professional hair salons, and we’ve put together a list of what you should look for when selecting the right shampoo chairs to upgrade your setup.

Choose a reclining shampoo chair

Choose a reclining shampoo chair

Choosing a reclining shampoo chair plays a crucial role in enhancing overall relaxation - the adjustable features make it easier for customers to lay down on and cater to all heights. This is preferred over a perpetually reclined shampoo chair that requires clients to climb on and off with more difficulty. Additionally, the chair angle ensures optimal positioning, reducing stiffness in one’s neck. This added convenience also makes providing the same quality service to people with reduced mobility possible.

Shampoo bowl size

The shampoo bowl size of your shampoo unit can be a make or break factor in whether your customers choose to return. Avoid shampoo bowls that are too small as this can cause splashes to occur, leading to a less than satisfactory hair wash experience.

Shampoo bowl design

Shampoo bowl design for customer

Most customers find shampooing to be the most relaxing part of their visit. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your customers are comfortable while being serviced at your salon shampoo unit. A shampoo bowl that is too high will create discomfort. On the other hand, a shampoo bowl with a lower design will allow a hairdresser to wash the customer’s nape with ease, delivering an enjoyable experience that elevates customer satisfaction.

Comes with a thermostat

For a superior experience like no other, a shampoo unit that comes with a thermostat is sure to empower a pampering session that helps to set your business apart. This allows water temperatures to be adjusted according to your customer’s preference, and keeps it stable throughout the hair wash.

Material of your shampoo chair

Shampoo chairs can get dirty easily due to the services provided at a hair salon. As such, you want to make sure they can be cleaned effortlessly for maximum hygiene and increased longevity. Choose a shampoo or barber chair that is made with a durable base, and one that lets customers lie down comfortably. PU leather is often a preferred choice as it is comparable to genuine leather in terms of softness, and yet easy to clean.

Whether it be for a wash, treatment, or a haircut, your customer’s experience at the shampoo unit and on your barber chairs can make a huge difference. The search for the right shampoo chair may be a challenge but we hope these tips have been useful in balancing aesthetics and function for your hair salon.

Beauty Garage is a leading supplier of barber chairs, cutting chairs and all your salon needs. Reach out to our professional team for more assistance in finding the right equipment for your business!

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