A Guide To The Eyelash Extension Products You Will Need To Kickstart Your Business

A Guide To The Eyelash Extension Products You Will Need To Kickstart Your Business

Eyelash extensions are all the rage these days, with the demand for eyelash extensions in Singapore rising steadily. Those who used to shun eyelash extensions for fear of damaging their eyelashes, are now open to this beauty hack thanks to the advancement of damage-free lash extension techniques. Do you have a passion for eyelash extensions? You too can become a lash extension entrepreneur and earn good money as a small business owner. We’ve compiled a list of eyelash extension products you will need to kickstart your business.

High-quality lashes

Numero Herbal Brown Eyelash Extensions

In order to run a successful eyelash business, the quality of the lashes used is an aspect that should not be overlooked; the three most common ones are synthetic, mink and silk lashes, each coming in different types of curls, thickness and length. Using low-quality lashes will not only affect your brand reputation, it might potentially lead to poor customer experiences and infections.Consider it as an investment to elevate your brand with superior, unmatched lashes. Check out Numero’s Pantone colour-based eyelash extensions for premium lashes your clients will love!

Lash tweezers

eyelashes extension tweezers

It will be difficult to provide the best service without the right tweezers in your eyelash extension kit. Your eyelash extension kit should include both isolation and basic lash tweezers. Isolation tweezers are long and narrow, ending with a tapered point. These straight tweezers allow for perfect isolation that brings you closer to the client's eyelid. It also enables you to keep natural lashes isolated as you lash on the perfect look.

A basic lash tweezer, on the other hand, is ergonomically designed with a slight curve located on its underside. This curve allows for perfect picking. These lash tweezers are made for picking up eyelash extensions with ease, so you don’t have to worry about dropping those precious lashes. Hold the isolation tweezer with your non-dominant hand, then use another tweezer in your other hand to carefully attach the eyelash extensions for your clients.

Eyelash extension tape

Eyelash extension tapes are used for covering the lower lashes or to tape the eyelids during eyelash extensions application. These eyelash extension tapes make the work easier and more comfortable for the stylist. Go with tapes manufactured with a delicate material to prevent any irritation to the eyelids’ sensitive skin.

Eyelash glue

eyelash extension glue singapore

Eyelash extension glue is one of the most important supplies required by professional lash technicians. Synthetic lashes need to be attached effectively with a quality eyelash extension glue for the best results. When choosing an eyelash glue, consider how fast the glue dries, and the humidity and temperature of your workplace. Low fumes glue is also a good option for customers with sensitive eyes.

Eyelash brush

Eyelash brushes are used on the lashes so they stay separate for the perfect end result. Doing so manipulates the lashes, removes tangles and keeps them looking gorgeous. Disposable eyelash brushes are also essential at a lash salon and a handy addition to your clients' makeup bags. Here’s the correct way to use them in two easy steps so your clients can get the most out of the eyelash brush:

  • Look down while supporting the lashes with a finger.

  • Gently twirl the eyelash brush on the top side of the lashes in the opposite direction of how mascara would be applied.

We hope this guide has provided you with some useful tips for starting your own eyelash business. Shop our range of eyelash extension products to get you started or check out our Instagram handle for more updates!

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