Featured Brands

Featured Brands



Beauty Garage Singapore

Beauty Garage a Leading Professional Beauty Supplier from Japan. We provide high quality products at affordable prices, with wide variety over 7,000 beauty items available on our multichannel (showroom, catalogue, customer service support and eCommerce). Find out more about us here.


MT Metatron

MT Metatron is committed to use cutting-edge science and beauty treatments in achieving healthy, glowing skin. MT is a brand that believes in solving skin concerns with the spirit of “formulation with purpose.” MT produces a suite of functional skincare series to help customers in their pursuit of true beauty. MT aims to lift skin to its highest potential, empowering women with beauty and confidence. SHOP NOW »


Quattro Burst Cavi Premier

Quattro Burst Cavi Premier, a well-received brand used by spa, salons and beauty professionals in Japan. Best known for its 5-in-1 face and body portable device. SHOP NOW »



Bihaku is a teeth whitening brand from Japan, in collaboration with Whitening Net by Charion. A popular tooth whitening equipment from Japan, it provides full suite of teeth whitening business efficiency for salons, dental and aesthetic clinics. SHOP NOW »



Raygel believes in shining a light on women's lives and make them sparkle like stars in the sky. Best-known for patented color technology, innovative nail art textures and collaboration with renowned nail artists. Brilliantly developed yet made affordable for all salons. SHOP NOW »


Throw (Hair Color)

THROW's brand essence is to achieve the desired color with simple steps. Best for achieving ash and cool colors. SHOP NOW »


Sroloc (Hair Color)

A well-researched brand sold over 200,000 in Japan, sroloc is loved for its natural formula and excellent color-control capability. Notable for its quality that comes with affordability. Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. SHOP NOW »



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