How To Find The Right Hair Straightener That Will Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

How To Find The Right Hair Straightener That Will Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Apart from being a godsend for those looking to achieve a glossy, sleek and sophisticated look, a hair straightener can also double up as a hair curler depending on its edges. It can understandably be a difficult task choosing the best one with so many types available in the market, but the key lies in investing in a quality and durable hair straightener, which in the long-term will be an investment that will save a lot of money. This guide will provide tips helping to narrow down on your search when choosing the best hair straightener in Singapore for different hair types and needs.

Choosing the right shape

The best performing hair straighteners heat up quickly, protect hair from damage, are easy to use, on top of giving smooth hair that’s free of frizz. Most hair straighteners can also create curls as long as you’re holding it at an angle and wrapping your hair around the right way before pulling it down. To achieve that look, go for hair straighteners that come with a round edge, as those with a straight, sharp edge are unlikely to do so. That way, hair will glide down to create your desired look while moving through the plates and out toward the rounded edge.

Hair Straightener in Singapore Cado Cuaura Professional Straightener

Cado Cuaura Hair Iron Professional Straightener

The Cado Cuaura Hair Iron Professional Straightener is an innovative hair straightener that’s lightweight and compact, matching the needs of the field in all aspects such as functionality, operability, robustness, design, and stress reduction during treatment. Specially designed with 3-groove structure plates allowing for steam to be released on both ends and in between the plates, this hair straightener helps hair retain moisture, resulting in a uniform and glossy finish.

Note of the width of the plates

Hair straighteners come with different plates in an array of shapes and sizes to suit different lengths and styles. Narrower plates tend to be suitable for most hair lengths, while a wide plate size of 2 or 3 inches will save time when straightening long or thick hair. Extra long plates are good for long hair to create smooth or curly styles as they allow for larger sections of hair to pass through at a time, and mini sized ones work well for short hair, bangs, or fixing flyaway hair.

Which material should I go for?

Hair Straightener in Singapore Hairdressing Background Hair Stylist Curling Iron

There are a few different options when it comes to the materials used for the plates. Below are the different types that are available and their respective recommended uses.

Ceramic Plates - versatile - ceramic straighteners offer value and effectiveness and are suited for almost all hair textures, useful for fine hair or hair that is easily damaged.

Titanium Plates - heats up quickly, effective for coarse, curly hair.

Tourmaline Plates - also known as ionic plates, good for damaged hair as they produce more negative ions than positive ions - designed to reduce static thus resulting in less frizz.

Consider the temperature

Temperature is a very important aspect of using a hair straightener; high temperatures will result in rapid, effective straightening of hair, but can also cause heat damage over time. Lower temperatures are more suitable for thin, delicate, or damaged hair, but will still be able to straighten your hair. Flat irons with adjustable temperature allow you to select the right heat for your hair type and style.

Temperature recommendations according to hair types:

  • Fragile, brittle and weak hair: 100°C - 140°C
  • Fine hair: 140°C – 160°C
  • Normal hair: 160°C – 180°C
  • Thick hair: 180°C – 240°C

Choose quality over pricing

As with all products, there will be different prices depending on the features you want. For professional hairstylists, it’s important to choose a flat iron that will last well over an extended period of time. These could fall within the more expensive price range, but also come with a longer life designed for more frequent use.

Understanding which hair straightener will work best for you will help in achieving the most desired results. Browse our extensive range of hair straighteners, curlers, hair products and more to up your hair game! Alternatively, you may also contact Beauty Garage at or at +65-6557-0909 to find out more.

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