[PREMIUM] Manual Shampoo Chair BELTA-S Vintage Brown

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British-style classic chair with multi-purpose shampoo, shaving and facial

The English-style classical silhouette creates an elegant and elegant style.
And four three-dimensional buttons are arranged on the backrest, and rivets (studs) are carefully driven into the armrests one by one to create an antique atmosphere and a sense of luxury.
Since it is equipped with a manual reclining function and a telescopic pillow (headrest), it can be used in multiple ways such as shaving and facial treatment.
* The headrest can be removed.
Since the backrest adjustment levers are mounted on the left and right for ease of use, it is possible to adjust the backrest from either side.

<< This product adopts a newly designed base with high durability >>

We have reviewed the base (lower part) of the set chair from the beginning in order to deliver more reliable and durable products to our customers.
We have newly set more than 30 unique inspection standards such as improvement of hydraulic oil quality, prevention of oil leakage, smooth ascent and descent, proper locking, sufficient durability, etc., and thorough quality control of our staff. We only deliver products that meet the standards by inspection.

<< Quality of our products >>

In order to deliver safe and durable products, all products are manufactured according to Japanese standards under the supervision of Japanese engineers.
We set strict inspection standards and carry out thorough quality control and maintenance such as durability tests, inspections, and inspections to deliver the highest quality products with confidence.

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