Electric Lounge Chair SHIFFON Jr Black

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Compact size
A compact electric chair with a narrow width that can fit almost anywhere, even salons with limited space!
Comfortably wrap the body with a soft cushion.
Compatible with foot care stool


Point 1. Electric Flat Reclining
2 motor functionality - backrest and footrest can move separately. Responds well to various treatment type, including nail and facial treatments, with reclining angle at around 170°.
Point 2. Healing “Fluffy Cushion”
The Soft cushions provide a high level of comfort that makes sitting a rejuvenating experience.
As it uses high-quality PU leather, it's comfortably soft to touch.
Point 3. Enhanced functionality
Easy to move with casters!
Easy assembly!
Clean footrest!
Easy operation with remote control!
1 Year Warranty
Semi Assembly Required
Normal size: W800 x H1050 (SH480) x D910mm
Reclined size: W800 x H600 (SH480) x D1780mm
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