ECO Pile Oversized Towel Sheets SP EX 160 × 260cm (Greige)

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Affordable commercial towel with excellent durability and quick drying feature!

The oversized towel sheets EX is a super-large size that can cover the storage space under the bed.
The pile is slightly longer than the face towel, and it is just the right thickness to lay on the bed or for wrapping around

Features of ECO Pile Towel SP

■ Durability that is easy to use for business use - In order to increase the strength of the towel, "overlock stitching" is applied to both sides and "hem triangle processing" is applied to the corners, making it difficult for the thread to fray and settle.
Ideal for business use where towels are frequently used.

■ Excellent water absorption - It is a very soft fabric and has excellent water absorption.

■ Slen dyeing process that does not easily fade - The color is hard to fade even after washing by adopting "slen dyeing process" for dyeing.

■ Safe and secure towels that have acquired "Ecotex Standard 100" - Ecotex Standard 100 is given only to products that have passed rigorous analytical tests targeting more than 350 types of harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and residual pesticides. It is a proof of the world's highest level of safe textile products. 

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