ECO Pile Towel SP 34 × 85cm 12 pieces (navy)

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Renewed color variations!
Affordable commercial towels that are durable and quick-drying

The ECO pile cloth towel cloth series, which is attractive at an affordable price, has been renewed!
A wide variety of colors are available, and washing durability and water absorption have also been improved.
With 6 sizes from standard face towels to oversized towel sheets and outstanding cost performance, it can be used in various salons.

The thickness of the face towel is thinner than other sizes and it dries easily even after washing, so it can be used in a wide range of applications such as turbans, hot towels, pillowcases, hair colors, and cuts.
It is easy to use and is ideal for salons that use a large amount every day.

Features of ECO Pile Towel SP

■ Short pile that prevents fibers from falling off The
face towel has excellent durability because the pile is short and the pile does not easily come off, such as threads coming out.
* For other sizes, the pile is slightly longer in consideration of the application.

■ Durability that is easy to use for business use
In order to increase the strength of the towel, "overlock stitching" is applied to both sides and "hem triangle processing" is applied to the corners, making it difficult for the thread to fray and settle.
Ideal for business use where towels are frequently used.

■ Excellent water absorption It is a
very soft fabric and has excellent water absorption.

■ Slen dyeing process
that is hard to fade The color is hard to fade even after washing by adopting "slen dyeing process" for dyeing.

■ Safe and secure towels that have acquired "Ecotex Standard 100"
Ecotex Standard 100 is given only to products that have passed rigorous analytical tests targeting more than 350 types of harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and residual pesticides. It is a proof of the world's highest level of safe textile products. 

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