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Do you want to dye your hair in beautiful shades to look more fashionable? Try the amazing THROW 100g Fashion Color. These hair colors fit well into the hair.

A fashion color that suppresses redness to express exquisite nuances more freely and more clearly!

To achieve the desired hair color with just one application, multiple layers of sheer and less reddish dyes to express exquisite nuances is added.

THROW is favored by hair salons for its perfect penetrability with ash and cool colors. It can attain difficult to achieve colors and smooth out uneven tones right from the roots.

It naturally delivers a soft, clear, and airy feeling free from heaviness and turbidity.

A texture that melts quickly, resists dripping and soaks well into the hair.
This minimizes the burden on hair and speeds up treatment time and creates a comfortable coloring experience.

Benefits of THROW

1. "WATER RICH CREAM" formula develops clear color from roots

2. Base color design that thoroughly eliminates redness

3. With "DUAL SILK COMPLEX", for soft, glossy and supple hair

4. Contains "Organic Oil & Botanical Essence" to keep your hair healthy (Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Oil & Grape Seed Oil)

5. A subtle fragrance, a pleasant fragrance

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