S&S Organic Herb Wax (Soft) 50ml

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Effortlessly style your hair while effectively moisturizing it with S&O organic herb wax (soft) 50ml. It also helps to protect hair from UV rays. Buy now.
Its Chamomile fragrance gives a soothing and calming effect.
It permeates the hair follicles leading to smooth and moisturised hair. The wax contains many types of oils, such as almond oil, which hydrates and helps to provide moisture to the hair.
It is able to permeate the inner part of the hair and making it smoother and moisturised as it contains Shea butter and Chamomile extract which help protect hair from UV rays. Damascus rose oil, which has moisturising properties is also included.
*Not applicable to certain hair treatments such as hair manicure & henna - may affect the end hair colour result for these type of treatment.
Quantity: 50ml
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