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An innovative beauty method of "subtraction" instead of addition! Real organic skin care

Made in Italy, an advanced organic country!
"SST care
made with carefully selected premium permeation herb oil" Made in Italy, an organic developed country!
Organic massage oil extracted by soaking St. John's wort flowers in fresh oil extracted from olive seeds. With a rich texture, it fits comfortably on the skin. Developed focusing on the sensitive skin peculiar to women. Moisturizes to prevent rough skin.
● For face and body
● Fragrance-free, color-free, paraben-free, abundant herbal ingredients, organic ingredients
(with plant odor)

12 criteria as a real organic brand
1. All products are "AIAB" certified or "AIAB" certified We have obtained "Vegan Quality" certification.
2. More than 95% of the ingredients are made up of naturally derived ingredients.
3. Organic (AIAB or Vegan Quality certified ingredients) are used as plant ingredients.
4. We use only natural essential oils as much as possible.
5. We use biodegradable raw materials.
6. We use fair trade raw materials as much as possible.
7. All products are subjected to skin compatibility tests. (* 1)
8. No genetically modified ingredients are used.
9. No parabens, artificial colors or sulfates are used. (* 2)
10. We will develop products based on the voices of Japanese beauticians.
11. We have not conducted animal experiments in development and manufacturing.
12. Part of the development cost is used for well construction in developing countries.

(* 1) Not all people are stimulated.
(* 2) Sulfate: Sulfate-based surfactants such as "Na Laureth Sulfate", "TEA Laureth Sulfate", and "Na Palace-3 Sulfate".

Organic certification organization
AIAB (Aiab)
Associazion Italiana per I'Agricolture Biologica (Italian Organic Agriculture Association) is an abbreviation, it is the
largest organic certification organization in Italy.
Established in 1982, it was officially approved as a certification body by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in 1992.
Furthermore, in 1999, it was officially certified by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements).
There are
many strict standards , such as that all ingredients are naturally derived, except for fragrances and preservatives, and that all organic ingredients used are certified organic .

Vegan Quality
A subsidiary of AIAB. You can use some chemical raw materials that cannot be used with AIAB.

St. John's wort x olive oil + herbal extract

[St. John's Wort]
St. John's Wort (Perforate St. John's Wort) contains an active ingredient called hibericin hyperforin, which increases serotonin, which provides comfort in the brain, resulting in frustration during PMS and dieting. It is said to be effective. It is called a "sunshine supplement" in Europe and the United States because it has the effect of brightening the mood.
[Olive oil]
Olive oil is often used as a treatment oil for massage since ancient times. It is rich in oleic acid (about 70-85%) and also contains vitamin AE, which can be expected to improve aging and dry skin and prevent wrinkles and age spots.

[Oat extract]
Anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory
[Fenugreek seed]
Antibacterial / anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory

* Since natural ingredients are used, the scent and texture may differ slightly depending on the time of collection. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

[How to use]

After keeping your skin clean, wipe off excess oil with a hot towel. It can be used for both facial and body.

Recommended for people like this

・ Sensitive skin
・ People who are easily irritated when dieting
・ People who are suffering from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) ・ People with
dry skin
・ People with aging skin

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