[Matsukaze] Stainless tweezers made in Japan (type-i)

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Japanese stainless steel tweezers (type-i)

 The stainless steel tweezer type-i is 12.5cm in length and draws a gentle arc from the tip of 4.3cm to the tip.
It has a characteristic shape like an eagle's beak.
Can be used as an almighty tool for holding artificial hair and separating false eyelashes.
This characteristic shape makes it easy to grip and attach artificial hair to eyelashes.
By using the outside of the arc toward the customer's face, the tip of the tweezers will be parallel to the customer's face,
You can avoid the risk of hurting your customers with the tip of the tweezers.
We recommend it to practitioners who seek safer treatments.
In addition, when used as a parting brush, the gentle curve does not interfere with the eyelids, so it can be used effectively.


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