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5 functions, this one. Face & body care device that can output all functions at the same time

"Quattro Burst Cavi Premier" is a next-generation face and body care device equipped with five types of functions: "cavitation", "radio wave", "EMS", "ultrasonic wave", and "hyperpulse".

Since each of the three functions of Face mode and Body mode can be output at the same time from the Face probe and Body probe, it is possible to perform treatments (custom-made treatments) that suit the customer's concerns and enhance the salon menu.

In addition, it has a compact body that can be placed on a wagon, so there is no burden on the storage space even in small salons where space is limited.

1. Enhance your product performance
Other than Cavitation, RF, EMS, and Ultrasonic Waves, face mode has an additional function: Hyperpulse. You can create ideal treatment through simultaneous output with facial and body mode.

2. The sensation of body mode Simultaneous/Individual Output is improved to better increased customer satisfaction! 
*Redesigned cavitation and radio waves for better output for body mode.

3. Increased functionality and detailed operation based on customer feedback
-Fit into female hands perfectly
-By reducing Body Probe's design by 2cm, it is easier to operate for massage treatment.
-Cable designed improved, the angle of the cord makes it difficult for the cord to touch the customer's body during treatment.
-Improved Face Probe design with wider surface and Pen-shaped design for easy operation.

Full 5 functions

■ Cavitation - Body mode
A treatment that vibrates the skin with high-power ultrasonic waves of 40kHz. It approaches hardened meat and uneven skin that are hard to fall off.

■ Radio frequency (RF) - Face mode / Body mode
4-split ring electrode "RF lift technology" is adopted, and the special shape that captures the "face" efficiently covers a wide area and gently extends to the deep part of the skin (stratum corneum). It warms the skin widely and deeply. In body mode, the body condition is adjusted to suit the treatment, and in face mode, effective face care can be achieved by combining with EMS and ultrasonic waves.

■ Ultrasonic wave - Face mode

The tapping effect of 1MHz ultrasonic vibration improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin. When used in combination with cosmetics, the beauty ingredients can penetrate efficiently and you can experience further effects.

■ EMS - Face mode / Body mode
Features different waveforms mixed. In body mode, low, medium, and high frequency triple waves stimulate from the surface muscles to the inner muscles for full-scale training. In face mode, double waves of low frequency and high frequency stimulate and train deep facial muscles, leading to a pinned upward face.

■ Hyper Pulse - Face Mode
By outputting a special electric pulse, it softens the skin and creates firm skin. By treating in combination with Face mode ultrasonic waves and iontophoresis, it creates a path for beauty ingredients and guides them deep into the skin.

Practitioner-friendly design

We are particular about the shape of the probe for Face / Body, and the operability is high, reducing the stress of the practitioner.

■ Face probe

The straight shape makes it easy to see the treatment site, so you can perform treatment without stress.
In addition, because of its slender shape, it is possible to perform the treatment with a pencil that makes it easy to adjust the force.

■ Body probe

By making the probe diameter for Body 8 cm, it is a shape that fits easily in the hands of women and is easy to use in combination with hand massage.
In addition, the connection part of the probe cord is angled to realize a design that makes it difficult for the customer's body cord to touch during the procedure.

Only now, the best gel for this device is set!!

One for the body and one for the face of the treatment gel "All One SP Gel" developed for Quattro Burst Cavi Premier are included.
All-One SP Gel is a product developed for "Quattro Burst Cavi", but it is a multi-purpose gel-like beauty essence that can be used for various beauty equipment with this one.
No need to wipe and repaint each device, which leads to cost reduction and time reduction.
* Using some gels from other manufacturers may cause equipment failure, so we recommend using "All One SP Gel" for "Quattro Burst Cavi Premier".

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