[Shabby Chic] Styling Chair LUMINOUS Armless Type Ash Grey

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Do you want a shabby chic design that gives an elegant and refined looking space? Buy this armless chair now!

Armless type of styling chair LUMINOUS

Recommended for interiors that you want to look neat!

It is an armless type without an elbow rest of the styling chair "Luminous" that has a tasteful shabby chic texture that creates elegance like antique furniture.
The frame of natural oak is handmade and decorated, giving each product a different look and antique feel.
The leather is a fabric-like leather that is easy to clean and can be used hygienically.
In addition, the backrest is slightly lower than a normal dining chair so that it is easy to cut even with long hair, and it is designed in consideration of salon work.
The armless type has a slightly more compact seating surface than the arm type, so it can be used not only for styling chairs but also for waiting chairs and cold spaces, and can bring a sense of unity to the salon.
In addition, it can be stored compactly even if several units are lined up.

New material fabric (PU) leather

Fabric-like PU leather that can produce a warm texture.
Compared to PVC leather, PU leather is more breathable and less sticky.
In addition, it is easy to clean because it has high water repellency.
By using fabric-like PU leather, maintainability has been improved while maintaining the furniture-like atmosphere.
* As in the past, it is necessary to wipe off the product as soon as it gets wet.
* Because it is PU leather, not a general fabric, hair will not stick to the material.

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