Seal mask (slightly smaller) No string 5 steps pleats x 3 layers type 50 pieces

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[Utility model registered] The best mask for salon treatment without strings
High performance filter that blocks 99% of bacterial, pollen and viral droplets.

This disposable mask is attached to the face with a sticker attached to the inside of the mask.
The mask is attached to the face by a sticker inside the mask, so that it does not get in the way when cutting or colouring hair.

High performance filter
The mask has a 3-layer filter that blocks 99% of bacteria, pollen and virus droplets.
Pollen particle collection (filtration) efficiency test, bacteria barrier (BFE) test and virus droplet (filtration) efficiency (VFE) test were conducted.

Comfortable fit and easy breathing
With nose fitter to fit nose and cheeks.
5-stage pleat structure (upper 2-stage and lower 3-stage) ensures space around the mouth and close contact with the chin.

The seal is made of double-sided medical tape.
The seal is attached in three places: two at the top and one at the bottom.
The upper part is designed to be attached in two places to prevent it from peeling off, while the lower part is designed to be attached in only one place so that it can be used smoothly when drinking.
In order to reduce the stress on the skin, we have kept the number of points to a minimum.

Designed to fit your face
It is the same shape as a normal non-woven mask, so you can use it without feeling uncomfortable.
You can wear it even with large earrings or earphones, so it is ideal for daily use.
We recommend this product to the customers who have pain in their ears from wearing masks for a long time, or who have tired ears from wearing masks with glasses, or who want to use it inside a double mask.

How to use
Check the front and back. The side with the adhesive is the inside (face side).
Peel off the adhesive from the three stickers.
Fit the nose fitter to the shape of the nose.
Attach the top seal to the face, fitting it to the face.
Spread the pleats upwards and downwards according to the size of the face.
⑥Apply the lower seal to the face.
If the nose-fitter is not adjusted to the shape of the nose before application, it may easily lift off the face.
If you have a lot of sebum, or if you wear a lot of make-up, or if you sweat a lot in the summer, the seal may come off easily. If you have a lot of sebum, it may be easy for the seal to peel off. In that case, we recommend that you remove the sebum with a tissue before wearing.

How to choose the size
Slightly small: For women and children (approx. 90 x 150mm).
Normal: For men and women who prefer a more generous size (90 x 165mm).

Utility model registration applied for
This product is a registered utility model. 2021.05.20

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