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Renewal to easy-care casters!
Popular basic stool with thick cushion to prevent fatigue

It is a stool that boasts a comfortable seating, boasting a "thick cushion" of 7 cm while being cheap.
The seat is made of PVC leather, which is resistant to dirt and has high durability.
The height of the seat can be adjusted from 43 to 57 cm, so you can create the optimum position for various purposes.
Gas pressure raising and lowering type that can easily adjust the height with one lever under the seat surface.

We also carry out quality control carefully and come with a one-year warranty for peace of mind.
You can also be satisfied with the quality.

Renewal to cleaning caster specifications

A removal function has been added to the casters.
You can easily clean your hair and dust, which saves you the trouble of cleaning and saves time.
Caster troubles are less likely to occur, and you can achieve more comfortable salon work than ever before.

Cumulative sales exceeded 110,000 units! (As of January 2021)

Thanks to the great patronage of our customers, the cumulative sales of the F-843 stool series has exceeded 110,000 units! It is a proof of the reliability of this product!

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