ECO Pile Fabric Bath Towel (M) 70 x 140cm Beige

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A towel that is soft, durable and easy to handle.
Comfortable with high absorbency
Over 168 million accumulated sales!


1. Good value for money!
- Premium quality towels at affordable prices. Ideal for salons that uses a large amount of towels daily.
2. Outstanding durability
- A soft and fluffy towel with excellent durability, has short piles so it doesnt get tangled and will not fray easily. The fabric is exceptionally thin, which makes it quick to dry out after use.
3. Suitable for professional use!
Hem triangle stitch & cross stitch for a more durable and tough finish.
4. Long-lasting Suren Dye
- Colour doesnt fade or bleed out even after washing with chlorine detergent. Ideal for professional use.
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