Pydio Serum (Eyelash Treatment) 2.8ml

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Treatment for beautiful and thick eyelashes!
Eye Care Formulated with the ideal density, length and strength.

4 Features:

1. Featured ingredient 'Pyrimidine Oxide'
It contains a notable ingredient "Pyrimidine Oxide" that helps in achieving firm and thick lashes. It also provides the nutrition needed for healthy eyelashes.
2. Creating the ideal eyelash
Product is infused with many unique ingredients to create the ideal eyelash, it also helps with keeping lashes healthy.
3. Gently treats damaged eyelashes
Conditioning hair follicles, treating the lashes individually from the roots. The product is essential as it provides shine and creates firm and durable eyelashes.
4. Infused with rich natural ingredients
Infused with rich naturally-derived ingredients, such as Panax ginseng root extract, from the roots of panax ginseng which contains more than 20 kinds of ingredients. Other ingredients include Rehmanniae radix, a herb that is popular amongst the Japanese and Chinese, as well as Aloe vera leaf extract, extracted by drying aloe vera leaves.


- Pen-shaped so it is small and easy to hold
- Transparent container, able to see through
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