TOP MODE Volume Easy Lash 3D C Curl [Thickness: 0.06] [Length: 9mm]

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1. Each of the lashes is very thin, so it reduces stress on the natural lashes, while giving volume.
2. There are ways to use standard extensions in a flare design, but this takes time to learn. By using this Volume Easy Lash, the procedure can be easier and faster.
3. The skill level of the salon staff can be standardized. Also you can use tweezers that you are comfortable with.
It is compatible with the TOP MODE glue, and the durability of the curl, color, gloss and elasticity is very good.
The lashes are made from the best quality mink that is soft but doesn't bend at an angle.
It is recommended to clients who want soft and natural look.
When it is designed with single and 3D extension, you can achieve a classy look quickly.
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