Luxury Pile Fabric Towel 34 x 85cm (12pcs) Beige

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Made with high quality cotton that is carefully chosen. Premium cotton towels with an utterly luxurious feel that enhances the overall value of the beauty salon.
Thick pile fabric with good absorbency that feels smooth and soft as it glides over the skin.
This series is thicker compared to ECO Pile Fabric Towel Series.
Over 290 million in accumulated sales!


1. Good value for money!
Our towels are made out of 100% premium soft cotton and has been carefully weaved. Fluffy and absorbent bath towels that feel soft and comfortable on every client's skin. Long lasting even after multiple washes.
2. Best Selling! Ranked as one of the top selling products!
Always ranked as one of our BEAUTY GARAGE'S top sellers in the "Towel/Bath Towel/ Towel Sheet" category (as of July 2018). High percentage of repeated customers.
3. Sewing stitches
Sewn mitered hem on the four corners (Refer to P.201) and both sides are sewed with an overcast stitch. Each towel is perfectly sewn by our automated sewing machines.
4. Long-lasting Suren Dye
Colour does not fade or bleed out even after washing with chlorine detergent. Ideal for professional use.
5. Many colours to choose from!
Available in Dark Brown, Beige, Dark Green, Wine Red and Pink.
White is available for Hand Towel and Towel (34 × 85cm).
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