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Throw One Series 100g

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A time-saving color that makes use of the new “blue” that  enhances the performance of single-person treatments.

The ONE COLOR series enables both FASHION and COMFORT as desired in just 10 minutes.
By achieving vivid color development in a short time, it achieves both reliable performance that matches each person's hair and efficient color work, further polishing the work of professionals.

"FASTFLOW CREAM prescription *" that enables penetration and color development in a short time

In order to deliver dyes of various sizes to the inside of the hair more quickly, we adopted "FAST FLOW CREAM formulation*" that enhances the fluidity of coloring ingredients.
In addition to increasing the penetration and color development speed of the dye, we have built an optimal formulation design that reduces the time required for ease of application.
* b-ex index: operability index increased by 25% (compared to our company)

Base color design that combines two dyes of different sizes to achieve 10 minutes x transparency

Designed a new base color that combines a brighter blue dye and a smaller and gentler violet dye than before.
By efficiently filling the inside of the hair with dyes of different sizes, it is possible to reduce redness in 10 minutes and achieve quick color development that is soft and transparent all the way to the ends.

ONE = Do it all by yourself, to the future hair color

THROW ONE makes full use of the new “blue” to enhance the performance of one-person treatments, and enables beautiful and time-saving colors to the ends of both FASHION and COMFORT (gray color). In just 10 minutes, you can make your wishes come true and achieve efficient color work that pays attention to color and time.

technical guide

■THROW A/08・ONE DA/08 Differences in color development
Conventional THROW colors are soft sheer blue and sheer beige that take time to build up in multiple layers to create a clear, deep and beautiful cool color.
ONE focuses on suppressing redness in a short time and adopts a more vivid blue. In addition, by using a base color that combines gentle violet, it is possible to create a soft and transparent color right down to the tip of the hair.
・Conventional THROW: Dye design that achieves a clear and deep cool color over time
・ONE: Dye design that creates a soft, transparent cool color in a short time

Newly adopted Vivid blue dye color development speed
Conventional THROW A/ When comparing 08 and ONE DA/08 left for 10 minutes,
A/08 had a shorter leave time than the recommended time, resulting in insufficient bluish color development.
ONE DA/08 demonstrates vivid blue color development in a short time.

■ ONE's amount of dye
The newly adopted blue dye has a larger molecular weight than the conventional THROW blue dye, and for more vivid color development, it enables high saturation color development with the minimum amount of dye required.
・ FASHION: Even though it is a time-saving color, we avoided designing that simply increases the amount of dye and increases the risk of sinking into the ends of the hair, and realized a time-saving color with the same amount of dye as the conventional THROW.
・COMFORT: A design that emphasizes the dyeing of gray hair while maintaining the beautiful color expression of the conventional THROW.
By targeting retouching to the main use, it is possible to dye gray hair beautifully in a short time.

■Alkali quantity setting of ONE
Since vivid blue without turbidity does not require an excessive amount of dye, the alkali that opens the cuticle can be shortened with the same setting as conventional THROW.
For FASHION 10Lv and COMFORT 8Lv, which requires a short-term lift from black hair, the amount of alkalinity is slightly increased, and the setting is set so as not to unnecessarily damage the dyed areas below medium brightness, which is frequently used on previously dyed areas. bottom.

■Recipes for each lightness
In cases where higher lightness is desired, conventional THROW C/14 and CC/12 can be mixed for easy lift-up.
In addition, low brightness can be approached by setting the exposure time longer, and a wide range of brightness is possible.

■ Time change of color development
ONE is rapidly promoted color development in 10 minutes after application, followed by gentle color development thereafter.
For a beautiful finish, apply first to the roots and middle areas where you want to reduce redness, and lastly to the ends where the hair tends to sink in.  


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