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What is effect bleach?

By increasing the acidity using pre-treatment shampoo and Bleach Control 6% (BC6%), you can suppress the excessive alkalinity of the bleaching agent, prevent hair from dissolving, and achieve white bleaching with a good texture.
In addition, by using an acid booster, you can further increase the acidity and control the speed of bleaching, making it possible to perform the treatment evenly and safely even with a complex bleaching history.

BC Oxy 6%

Oxygen used to suppress excessive alkalinity in bleaching agents and prevent hair from dissolving.
In addition, by suppressing the effect, the action of the bleaching agent is converted into a long-term one.
Suppression specs are more than 3.5 times that of normal AC type oxygen.
Not suitable for coloring agents

Summary of effect bleach

Effect bleach has a different concept from Plex-based processing agents, and by eliminating the excessive reaction of bleach, it prevents unnecessary damage and allows for proper bleaching.
Even those who are not good at bleaching can use it with confidence, and those who are good at bleaching can perform bleach work with a focus on texture.
Please try the effect bleach that changes the concept of bleach work with a new way of thinking!

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