Carerise Premium Ultrasonic Hair Iron

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Penetration of hair treatment with ultrasonic waves and infrared rays
Ultrasonic iron that penetrates treatment ingredients significantly

Double adoption of ultrasonic waves that enhance the treatment effect and infrared rays that care for hair. A hair iron that dramatically penetrates and promotes
the treatment ingredients just by adding 5 to 10 minutes of treatment per customer . Bring out the full effect of your usual treatment. *This product is intended to promote the penetration of treatments, and is not a straightening iron.


1 million vibrations per second. The treatment is subdivided at the molecular level by ultrasonic waves, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the hair through the gaps between the cuticles.


Care from the inside of the hair at the same time. Infrared light is used to care from the inside at the same time, enhancing the treatment effect.
(The temperature of the plate surface is room temperature. Unlike a straightening iron, it does not become hot.)


1 hour of continuous use. Assuming that it will be used by professionals, it can be used continuously for up to 1 hour, and it will be fully charged in 3 hours when charging from zero.

waterproof design

Not only when you use it, but if you are concerned about dirt, you can quickly wash it with water so you can keep it clean.


Since it is cordless, work is smooth and efficient. There is no cord, so you can move freely.
By cutting the weight of the cord, the burden during work is reduced.

When using:

1 Apply the treatment to your hair.
2 Remove the main unit from the charging stand.
3 Press and hold the power button on the main unit (about 3 seconds) to turn on the power.
  When in standby mode, the LED lamp blinks in blue.
4 Create a bundle of hair about 3 cm and pass the iron through from the root to the tip.
・When the iron is closed, the LED lamp lights up in orange and a "beep" sound flows.
(Ultrasonic waves operate for about 10 seconds and automatically switch to the standby state.)
・If the sound does not flow, it may not be working properly, so please press the hair again. .
5 When finishing or interrupting work, be sure to press and hold the power button to confirm that the power is turned off.

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