Aivil Color Mixer SE (main unit) CM-22J01

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Save time! Reduce fatigue!
A color mixer that makes coloring faster and easier

A color mixer saves time and reduces the strain on your wrists compared to mixing manually.
Even easier to use, the blade has been changed to a waterproof, small and lightweight, easy-to-sell blade, adapter type,'' and has been renewed with more power.

Comes with 2 dedicated blades.

Waterproof IPX5 - Dirty outlets can be washed with running water. Breakdowns due to internal corrosion are reduced and you can use it for a long time.

Quiet design - The motor has been improved to become even quieter.
In addition to its stable performance, it reduces the feeling of coldness and irritation when applied, increasing customer satisfaction.

Quiet design - The motor has been improved to become even quieter.

Regardless of the viscosity of the medicine, it can be mixed without burdening the body, so the productivity of the staff can be maintained.
It is easy to apply because it can be made into a creamy state that contains air, and the efficiency of application work is also improved.
It is possible to smoothly mix henna powder, which tends to clump together.

User-friendly functionality

2-step speed adjustment (high speed, low speed) and 3-step angle adjustment (upright, 45°, 90°) are possible.
Since it is a cordless type that can be charged by USB, you can use it anywhere.
Free-standing type that does not bother you with a place to store it.

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