Koh To Ka Skin Perfection UV Base 30g SPF 50+ PA++++

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Product Features

■ SPF50+ PA++++

(Standardized by the Federation of Cosmetic Industry) Strong UV rays are cut with the highest value of "SPF" and "PA".
In addition, it has strong and gentle protection for the skin with a composition *7 that prevents problems such as spots, dryness, lack of firmness, and rough skin caused by light damage .

*7 Neutrox sun (rosemary leaf extract, grapefruit fruit extract), princess care (Himefuuro extract), Izayoibara extract, Magwa root bark extract

■Non-chemical (UV absorbent free) that does not burden the skin

Achieves high transparency due to high dispersion of UV scattering agent.
Cushion UV filter *8 provides a light and smooth fit.
Recommended for children and those with sensitive skin.

*8 A raw material in which fine titanium oxide particles are adhered around a highly cushioned nylon powder to form a composite.

■ Protects the skin from environmental stress

Ogon extract and titanium oxide protect the skin from air pollutants (pollen, smoke, dust, PM2.5) and other stimuli.
In addition, the bilberry leaf extract also cuts blue light by 84% (tested for visible light transmittance).

■Can be used as makeup base and CC cream

Skin color gel with correction effect keeps youthful skin.
The soft focus gel *9 scatters light to smooth out uneven skin tone and uneven pores.
With a sebum absorption powder *10 formulation that prevents shine, it grows quickly and fits snugly.
It keeps your skin soft and comfortable while continuing to keep it from breaking.

*9 (dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone) cross polymer
*10 Zinc oxide

●Synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorant, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben free
●Can be used in Hawaii because it is free of "oxybenzone" and "octinoxate" harmful to corals
●Made in Japan

[How to use and usage guidelines]

After skin care, take a large pearl size (about 1 g) and put it on your forehead, both cheeks, chin and neck.
After stretching it evenly over the whole area, fit it with the palm of your hand gently.
When you sweat, wipe your skin with a towel etc. and put it on again.

~Koh To Ka~

Aging care * brand focusing on "saccharification" .
Helps to build the foundation of your skin and leads to firm skin that does not feel age.

* Care according to age

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