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Speedy high bleach is possible
Non-dust type powder bleach with excellent operability

A non-dust type powder bleaching agent with excellent operability that enables speedy high bleaching.

The best "bleach power" in b-ex history

Achieves 10% higher bleaching power than our conventional product due to the balanced ratio of persulfate and pH buffer.
Even newly grown hair can be tone-up to high brightness with a single treatment or in a short period of time.
By gently decolorizing for 10 to 20 minutes after application, it is a prescription design that does not cause a difference in brightness between the beginning and end of application.
You don't have to worry about unevenness even with one person's treatment.
In addition, it maintains a pH that minimizes irritation to the hair, leading to a finish that does not feel damaged. 

High "operability" by discerning viscosity design

Due to the blending balance of the guar gum component (viscosity modifier) ​​contained in the bleaching agent, the blending ratio with the 2nd agent (oxy * ) that is combined afterwards makes it easy to control the application according to the application, realizing a creamy and familiar texture. To do.
* Hydrogen peroxide solution

For 2 agents, we recommend using slow ash oxy 6% and 3%.
Please note that the features of this product can be achieved by mixing the recommended 2 agents, and other 2 agents (oxy) may affect the effect.

Bee Bleach: Oxy (1:2) mixture for a slightly stiffer viscosity that does not drip・Prevents
overlap during retouching Avoid trouble caused by anyone

Bee bleach: A mixture of oxy (1:3) makes it easy to apply with a soft viscosity that is easy to blend in, and it is easy to apply quickly,
reducing the time lag between the beginning and end of application. 

Speed ​​due to short treatment time

The treatment efficiency is improved by shortening the treatment time due to the texture with excellent operability, and shortening the number of bleaching times and leaving time due to the high bleaching power. 

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