Bihaku is a leading teeth whitening brand from Japan, in collaboration with Whitening Net by Charion. A pioneer and market leader. A popular tooth whitening equipment from Japan, it provides full suite of business efficiency for salons and clinics. 



Reasons Why Customers Choose Our Services

Understanding of the customers and market has become our collective idea. We have implemented over 4,000 salons in JAPAN, and is increasing on an average of 150 installations monthly. We believe we can expand our vision and business to other countries from Japan. By responding to customer needs, we aim to challenge ourselves to gain trust and assessments. Thus, we create a new era by contributing to the market. An innovative business for prosperity of all the salons.


✦ Looking for a profitable business model?

✦ Adding new treatment to your services?

✦ Unused space in the salon?

✦ Finding difficulty differentiating from competitors?



★ Key Benefits ★


Simple implementation

Trending business, easy to start up.


Operate in a small space

Minimal space to required start a teeth whitening business.

Safe and secure with warranty & safety assurance

Developed under guidance of professional dentistry team and registered with Japan's cosmetic authority.
LED light that does not emit ultraviolet rays; verified by the third-party inspection agency.


Low cost, high profit

Easy to maintain and almost self operational.

Comprehensive support

Fully active and developed support structure enabling businesses to operate smoothly.


Merchandising opportunity

Exclusive teeth whitening treatment products can be sold at your salon as merchandising items.



★ Features of the Tooth Whitening Equipment ★

 Fast  ➋ Easy to use  ➌ Save space  ➍ Stand out from competitors


☆ Fast application in 30 minutes.

☆ Easy to use with training and guidance support.

☆ Space efficiency, only takes up a small area of your premise to start a teeth whitening business.

☆ Make your services more attractive to your customers, and differentiate your salon from others.


✖ No grinding ✖ no bleaching ✖ no dietary restriction.



★ BIHAKU Treatment ★

 Prevent tooth decay  Prevent tartar deposition  Prevent bad breath  ④ Remove tooth stains   Teeth whitening  Remove plague  Oral purification


★ Check out what our beautiful customer has to say about Bihaku ★

Calin, CAL @ Tras Street



★ Applicable to Variety of Salon Types★

Hair, nail, eyelash & beauty salons, spas, asethetic and dental clinics, orthopedics, sports gyms, specialty stores, corporate companies (staff welfare) and more.



★ Installation Guide 


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