Body Pressure Distribution Waving Bed Cocoti

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Achieve a fluffy feeling as if floating above the clouds.
Customer satisfaction is improved with the ultimate sleeping comfort!

The facial bed "Body pressure distribution waving bed Cocoti", which was developed for salons with the highest priority on sleeping comfort, has been released to solve such problems!

The comfort of the bed is a very important point that leads to the satisfaction of the salon, but with
this bed you can receive the treatment without stress even for a long treatment.

Points that have been carefully selected for the ultimate sleeping comfort

1. Adopting "waving tape" that fits various postures We have adopted "waving tape" that is
made by infiltrating rubber into the fiber. The sitting comfort is soft, and the tape has realized the feeling that the bed adapts to the whole body according to various postures.

2. Use "3D Elasticity Mattress", which is compatible with waving tape, as a cushioning material that disperses body pressure and is less tiring .
The combination of these two distributes the body pressure, and you can get a relaxing experience without getting tired even after a long treatment.
* "3D Elasticity Mattress": Cushion material composed of a bundle of elastic resin fibers

3. Backrest and footrest that move in tandem
Since the backrest and footrest move in tandem, you can move smoothly from the chair state to the bed state.
Since the adjustment is gas pressure type, you can make stepless adjustments with a little force even when the customer is lying in bed.
In addition, you can receive a comfortable treatment by using the attached pillow.

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