Strong B Glue EX 10g

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The big "C" word, Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient found in the majority of lash extension adhesive in the market today.
Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong, durable, fast- acting adhesives commonly known as "super glue". Ethyl Cyanoacrylates (Ethyl family) and Butyl Cyanoacrylates (Butyl family) are the most common forms you will find. The Ethyl family glue comes in a smooth liquid form that has a fast curing time, is durable and lasts longer.
Whereas, the Butyl family has more flexibility, is odourless and has low irritability, hence being more suitable to use on sensitive skin. However, do take note that not all glues are the same, the aptitudes may vary depending on the lash formula.
Remember, everyone's skin is different. It is recommended to use different glues and choose a suitable glue based on the customer's skin situation.
Formaldehyde is a natural byproduct of the curing process and is released as a gas. We provide products that helps to absorb and dissolve the substance.
Volume lashes is a technique where multiple extensions, 2~6 lashes of 0.05mm ~ 0.06mm each are attached to a single natural lash to give more dimension and texture. They are also known as Russian Lashes or Russian Volume Lashes.
Quick Dry 1-2 seconds
PREANFA Strong B Glue EX 10g
It has a quick drying time of 1-2 seconds and adheres well to the natural lash, making it perfect for professionals. It has excellent durability and highly adhesive. Store in an air tight container to improve shelf life.
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