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Formulated with PLEX ingredients
Hair removal dye with low bleaching function for beautiful high tone color

A destaining agent with the function of low bleach.
It enables bleach control that minimizes damage according to the condition of the hair, allowing you to express high tone colors more beautifully.
The combination of care ingredients makes it easy to attack damaged hair, and removes residual tint from bleached areas without damaging it.
Unlike high bleach and clear mix destaining, the risk of bleach unevenness is reduced. In addition, it has a texture that is easy to apply to already dyed areas, making it easy to apply even to damaged hair.


① CONTROL: Realization of a gentle lifting force
By adjusting the combination of the main ingredients potassium persulfate, ammonium persulfate and PLEX* ingredients, a gentle lifting force is achieved. Easier to use the lift control properly. Appropriate bleach control is possible by using different chemicals for new and dyed areas. *Pectin/DL-malic acid (hair protection agent)

② CLEAN: Controls uneven destaining with the minimum amount of potassium persulfate
and ammonium persulfate. This suppresses uneven destaining without excessively scraping the underlevel. Suitable for destaining alkaline colors and basic colors of level 17 or higher.

Pectin / DL-malic acid (hair protection agent)
Pectin forms a gel (film) on the hair surface to protect the cuticle, and cysteine ​​from coloring and perming. The bond care function of DL-malic acid, which suppresses the production of acid, reduces damage and protects and repairs hair.

How to use:

Mix this product with Ash Oxy (1:2-3) before use. 

For 2 agents, we recommend using slow ash oxy 6% and 3%.
Please note that the features of this product can be achieved by mixing with the recommended two agents, and the effect will be affected by the other two agents (oxy). 

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