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Contains EGF that firmly moisturizes without stickiness

A hand cream that moisturizes and wraps the skin and prepares the skin environment.
It spreads well, fits well on the skin with a small amount, is not sticky, and is smooth to use, so it is recommended for all seasons.

Contains the topical EGF * 1 and shea butter * 2 , which has a high moisturizing effect .
In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid * 3 and plant extracts, leading to moisturized and fresh hands.

A lineup of three scents: jasmine, rose, and bergamot.
The tube type is convenient to carry.

* 1 Human genetically modified oligopeptide-1
* 2 Shea butter
* 3 Na hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient)

Characteristics of EGF

  • EGF is a type of protein that humans originally have, and the amount of secretion decreases with age.
  • When it decreases, the cycle of skin renewal slows down, leading to skin aging.
  • EGF is said to play a role in adjusting the skin environment, bringing out the original beauty of the skin, and leading to transparent skin.
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