Luxia (Super Soft Type) Fluffy U Shaped Face Mat

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New and improved!
This balances the burden on the user's body and maintains it in the best condition.
It is made from medium resilience polyurethane foam that helps disperse the burden on the body and prevents the body from sinking in. The bed also solves the problem of uncomfortable arm placement when facing downwards.
Its protruding shape from the bed border makes it possible to place your arm at a natural and comfortable angle.

Double-structured urethane specifications:

The two-layered urethane uses medium-repulsive foam.
Urethane is used for the top and stiffer urethane for the bottom.

Upper Part:

The medium rebound foam holds load dispersion properties that are close to low rebound, and has excellent restoration properties after compression.
It has characteristics that make it less likely to deteriorate compared to beds with low rebound foam. It also has a feature that makes it difficult to get over decompress, which allows the pressure during massage treatment to not escape, which is effective to clients.

Lower Part:

It uses hard urethane that firmly support the the body from the bottom. The upper part places emphasis on body touch while the lower part is designed to support the body.
It help eliminates the concentration of body pressure and disperses the burden on the body.
- If body pressure is concentrated at one area for a long period of time, it can interfere with blood circulation and cause discomfort and pain.
- This comfortable, body pressure dispersion mat balances the distribution of body pressue with its soft, medium rebound foam.
- It does not decompress much as compared to beds with low rebound foam and allows the pressure to be maintained during massage treatment.

Anti-slip mat surface:

The surface is designed to be slip resistant so that sheets or large sized towels placed over it will not slip easily. It allows you to perform treatments smoothly without having to worry about repositioning the sheets!
In addition to the 3 features of the chest mat, urethane is added to give a feeling of firmness and to prevent the user's face from sinking down.
Size: W40 x D30 x H12cm
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