Wide Beauty Bed F-201W (Face Hole Type - White) [WH]

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With face hole type:

This is convenient and comfortable and can be used or various treatment needs.
It comes with a stepless reclining backrest and easily raisable footrest.
You are able to adjust it to lay flat or upwards like a chair.
It has a comfortable, round shape which fits with the body.
Its head rest articulation is very smooth making it easy to practice treatments on.
It comes with an adjustable backrest and leg rest.
It can be used for body treatments and foot massage!
It comes with a 2-Year Warranty.
Shipping Catergory: C
Semi-Assembly Required.
Size: W83 x L186 x H62cm
*W includes armrest. If excluded, it’s 63cm
*H indicates the size of the interior of the seat.
The exterior area is 63.5cm.
Weight: Approx. 33kg - Weight resistance up to: 500kg
Cushion thickness: 6.5 - 9.5cm (Bed body’s thickness: 8.5 - 11cm)
Angle adjustment: Both backrest and leg rest feature stepless adjustment.
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