Luxia (CLAIRE) High Breathability, Low Resilience Facial Bed

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Shop for Luxia [claire] High Breathability, Low Resilience Facial Bed from Beauty Garage Singapore. A high-grade bed with a 1-year warranty! Visit us now!
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This is the authentic, original model.
*The product quality is different from other counterfeit products.
1. It is made with low-resilience Urethane foam with high cushioning.
It has double layered cushioning with low-resilience and high-density urethane foam. The thickness of the cushion is approx. 8 - 11cm, so it prevents the body from sinking.
Furthermore, we use PU leather (Polyurethane leather) upholstering, which features similar softness as real leather.
2. It is made from a highly breathable mesh fabric that is comfortable to sit on without feeling hot and sticky. It comes with a comfortable headrest. It is suitable for long-hours treatment.
3. Stable angle adjustment Two different support for reclining the footrest and backrest
4. It comes with a detachable footrest. Its detachable footrest provides easy access to the legs. I allows for a high degree of freedom when giving foot massages.
5. It comes with a stepless adjustable recliner. Allows you to adjust to any position you want.
It comes with a 2-Year Warranty.
Shipping Catergory: C
Semi Assembly Required
Size: W86 (Including armrest. Main body only W64) x L187 x H69cm
Cushion thickness: 8 - 11cm
Weight: 38kg
Weight resistance: up to 200kg
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