Relaxation Shampoo Unit SPAZIO [DELUXE] Single Lever Type Dark Brown

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Luxury design Electric full flat shampoo unit!

It is a DELUXE type of relaxation shampoo unit "SPAZIO" that realizes functionality that gives customers the best sleeping comfort and peace of mind.
R-shaped design that wraps the body from the seat surface to the footrest.
By adopting a cushion with moderate elasticity for the backrest, it firmly supports the back even when it is flat.
It is a simple type with the "seat rotation function" and "headrest" removed, and is perfect for hair salons specializing in shampoo and head spa menus.
Features of basic type:
■ Electric reclining can be done easily, and since it can be made full flat, we can provide customers with treatment in a relaxed state!
■ The shampoo ball is wide and deep, so it is ideal for head spas!
Furthermore, not only the back but also the treatment from the side is supported!
■ Thermostat (temperature control function) and flush fittings are made in Japan with high reliability.
You can use it with confidence because temperature unevenness does not occur easily!
■ Seat design based on ergonomics (ergonomics).
■ Shower / straight can be easily switched at the head!
■ A special nape cushion that supports the head and significantly reduces the burden on the cervical spine is included as standard in treatments such as head spa!
■ Leather adopts "PVC leather" which is closer to the feeling of genuine leather.
■ We use real wood panel from back to side.

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