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Long-lasting care effects of Deep Layer
Dedicated home care treatment

Deep Layer has been renewed to differentiate it further and to allow customers to choose the product that best suits their concerns and hair type.

Repair and moisturizing ingredients are packed firmly into damaged and sparse hair, and the double coat strengthens and beautifies hair.
Contains hydrophilic and lipophilic penetration-promoting ingredients.
Double hyaluronic acid with high moisturizing effects double coats hair, sustaining the care effect.
Contains color fading inhibitor (zein), which works great with color.
Use every 3 days to 1 week after salon treatment.

Renewal points

① Unubore Fragrance (System Treatment/Home Care)
A refreshing and mellow paired scent that is loved by both genders.
The top notes begin with the pleasant sweetness of ripe pear and sophisticated citrus notes, followed by the soft spread of transparent, elegant freesia and gorgeous floral peony in the middle notes.

②Booster effect (system treatment/home care)
■Metal ion adsorption: The shampoo adsorbs and washes away metal ions in tap water that cause stiffness, improving the environment of the hair surface.
■Penetration promotion: The penetration promotion ingredients contained in the shampoo and treatment deliver treatment ingredients deep into the hair, leading to moisturized, manageable hair.

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