Loretta Aimer Styling Cream 100g

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Expresses the feel of high-quality bare hair with soft setting power
Moisture-resistant formula that makes it easy to manage even on rainy days

A styling cream that expresses looseness and soft texture with its soft setting power.
Moisture-resistant formula that won't spread all day long, even on rainy days.
Also suitable for hand care and body care. 

Moisturizing/shining ingredients (Argania spinosa kernel oil)
Heat damage protection ingredients (beet root extract, hydrolyzed corn starch)
Ingredients that improve finger smoothness (beet root extract, hydrolyzed corn starch) Cuticle
care ingredients (white fungus polysaccharides)
Spreading/clumping ingredients (Sodium polyaspartate)

Setting power: 1
Weight/Moisture: 4
Gloss: 4
Softness: 3 
*5-level rating

■How to use
Apply the cream thoroughly to your palms and between your fingers, and work your way from the middle of the inside to the ends of your hair, combing through your fingers. Apply the remaining amount to your fingers. 

Loretta Aimer brand concept

AIMER means "like" or "favorite" in French. By using Loretta Emme, each person aims to ``take care of what you like,'' ``find your favorite self,'' and ``love yourself even more.'' The brand name incorporates our desire to help each person feel confident in themselves, and the design was created with the image of a ``companion that will help you along''.

Keep your hair and your heart looking the way you like it ``Focus on moisture, fragrance, and the longevity of your hairstyle''

Contains argan oil that gives shine and moisture 
*Argania spinosa kernel oil (moisturizes and gives shine)
All items contain extra virgin oil extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree, which has a strong vitality that can survive even in dry environments. .

“It depends on your mood” White bitter scent

Because we want this item to be used throughout the day from morning to night, we have developed a scent that will appeal to the user's mood.
All items feature a white bitter scent that changes depending on your mood, giving you a sense of freshness and power when you want to energize, and a sense of calm and relaxation when you want to relax.

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