Relaxation Shampoo Unit D903 Single Level Type

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Do you want a glamrous, stylish and space saving design that enhances the atmosphere of your salon?Contact us or visit our showroom for more information!

Pottery & shower head has been renewed!

Offering a stylish look and first-class comfort!
The relaxation shampoo unit D903 of the "TOUGH DESIGN PRODUCT" series that can provide first-class high-quality comfort.
The unique luxury design with attention to detail brings a class-up atmosphere to the salon space.
In addition to the dark-colored body using a smooth curved form and vintage leather, the black shampoo ball that can also be used for head spa creates a sense of luxury that upgrades the salon just by being present.
There is no "seat rotation function" and "headrest", so it is perfect for salons specializing in shampoo and head spa menus!

Product Features:

■ Electric reclining can be done easily, and since it can be in a fully flat state, we can provide customers with treatment in a relaxed state.
■ The shampoo bowl is wide and deep, so it is ideal for head spas!
Furthermore, not only the back but also the treatment from the side is supported!
■ A special nape cushion that supports the head and significantly reduces the burden on the cervical spine is included as standard in treatments such as head spa!
■ We adopt vintage leather of glossy texture.
It has a luxurious texture and texture.

Renewal point:

(1) The rear side of the pottery is set low to make it much easier to wash!
By lowering the practitioner's side of the pottery by about one arm, the area around the nape is easy to wash and the practitioner does not get tired.
By shortening the distance between the shower head and the cock, it is easier to place your arm, which is difficult to hit during the procedure.
(2) Renewed to a high-grade shower head that can be used in all situations!
Increases water pressure by about 150%.
By reducing the size of the head by about 25% and making a dent in the center, we have realized a compact size that is easy for women to pick up.
It is a shower / foam switching type and can be used for both relaxation and side.

[Choice of pottery colors]

White is recommended for those who like a clean atmosphere and often perform toner color or color check, and black is recommended for those who do not want to make color stains noticeable.

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