Natural Selection All One SP Body Gel (500g)

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Buy Natural Selection All One SP Body Gel (500g) online from Beauty Garage. We offer first-class high-quality comfort to our customers. Click here.

This is a gel-like essence that is versatile and can be used with multiple cosmetic equipments. It is not necessary to wipe off even when changing equipments, reducing cost and time!
For anti-aging treatments*
- brightening - highly moisturizing! All-purpose gel.
*Prevents signs of skin aging.
Quantity: 500g

Only now, the best gel for this device is set!

One for the body and one for the face of the treatment gel "All One SP Gel" developed for Quattro Burst Cavi Premier are included.
All-One SP Gel is a product developed for "Quattro Burst Cavi", but it is a multi-purpose gel-like beauty essence that can be used for various beauty equipment with this one.
No need to wipe and repaint each device, which leads to cost reduction and time reduction.
* Using some gels from other manufacturers may cause equipment failure, so we recommend using "All One SP Gel" for "Quattro Burst Cavi Premier".

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