VETRO Protect Clear FUJI EX 45 ml (VF-45)

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The strongest non-sanding base gel in JUKE's history, specialising in base fill-in!
Its name is Protect Clear FUJI EX!

It is a base gel that further enhances the adhesion of the existing product "Protect Clear FUJI" with a nail protect function.
This 《Protect Clear FUJI EX》 is a completely non-sanding base gel that does not damage the nails.
Protect Clear FUJI EX is made by changing some of the raw materials used in the existing Protect Clear FUJI.
The hardness after curing has been increased and it is specially designed for base fill-in.

It is also highly durable and has low water absorbency, so it is recommended for use on customers who have a poor hold or who do a lot of water work.
It is recommended to be used by customers who work with water.

The viscosity is easy for beginners to handle, and despite its excellent self-levelling properties, it is easy to use.
It is also suitable for base fill-in due to its good operability and no sagging.

Furthermore, the irritating odour and difficulty in removing the base have been suppressed, which is characteristic of non-sanding bases.
The strongest non-sanding base gel in JUKE's history.

It takes about 3-4 months for healthy nails to grow, so we recommend using Protect Clear FUJI EX three times in a row.
We recommend using Protect Clear FUJI EX three times in a row. Continuous use also helps to stabilise the pH value of the nail surface.

Curing time
UV: 60 seconds
LED: 30 seconds

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