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This colour gel has good colour saturation and does not run easily, making it perfect to draw precise nail arts. It is also attractively low priced!

Professional gel nail brand "Raygel" with vivid colors and abundant color variations.
Raygel was created to give shape to the "real" voice of many nail technicians.
In addition to the reliable quality of Made in JAPAN, all cosmetics have been registered for peace of mind.
Innovative low prices realized by mass production and direct sales that cut all intermediate distribution costs
can greatly contribute to improving salon profits.

It is moderately viscous and easy to apply, and pursues good color development.
It reduces annoying odors and is easy to turn off.
There are more than 100 colors in all .. Further mixable and infinite color variations!

Precautions for usage:

- Do not use if it is not suitable for your nails (Irritation etc.)
- Do not use if you have nail abnormalities
- Flammable, avoid contact with heat
- Please avoid contact with eyes
- Do not apply on clothing
- Tighten cap firmly after usage
- Recommended to use soon after opening the bottle seal
- Avoid direct sunlight and store at cool places
- There may be discolouration when exposed to strong light, not due to the product quality
- Stir well before usage
- Add top gel in events when the colour gel gets thinner or stick to the bottle.
There is a possibility of discolouration if mixed with other brands of base gel or gels.

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