[New] Ray gel Color Gel 4g

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[New] Ray gel Color Gel 4g

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High-quality and safe Made in Japan quality [color gel that has been particular about operability and beautiful coloring]

The color gel, which has a smooth and light viscosity, is soft to the touch and has excellent leveling evenly, is characterized by a natural wearing comfort and glossy color development.
It is possible to achieve a high quality finish from beginners to experts because it is a thoroughly sticking operability and a light and stretchy texture.
Beautiful and well-developed color gels have a lineup of colors that brighten your fingertips, from Raygel-like foundation colors to trendy colors that can be used right now.


S: Sheer / M: Matte / C: Clear / P: Pearl / G Glitter
- S (Sheer): One coat makes your nails transparent, two coats hides the free edge
- M (Matte): 1 Coloring enough to hide the free edge with multiple coats * There is a slight difference in density depending on the color.
-C (Clear): Clear color with a sense of transparency
-P (Pearl): Color containing pearl particles
-G (Glitter): Glitter color

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