PREGEL Non-Wipe Clear Cangel EX 14g (PG-CNE-14)

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The popular Cangel has evolved even further! Reduces curing heat while maintaining gloss!

It is a non-wipe top that does not require wiping and pursues further reduction of curing heat while maintaining the gloss of the conventional Cangel.
It is especially recommended for those who are concerned about nail pain, those who have thin nails, and those who are sensitive to the heat of curing.

It can be used for metallic designs and mirror art as well as the conventional cangel and cangel non-heat .
* When using mirror powder, please observe the curing time.
If the curing time is not observed, the powder will not adhere well.

[Curing time]

LED (36W): 30 seconds
LED (6W): 60 seconds
CCFL: 60 seconds
UV: 60 seconds 

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