Soft Microfiber Bedspread

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Soft Microfiber Bedspread

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Soft and fluffy ultra-quick dry & water-absorbent bed cover
Can be used for both facial and massage beds!

It is a microfiber bed cover that achieves a soft touch on the skin by eliminating the feeling of catching on the surface while maintaining the excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties that are the advantages of microfiber.
Ultra-fine fibers that are about 1/100 of the size of hair (0.4 μm) make it soft and supple.
Although it is soft, it is about four times as durable as cotton, and it does not fluff even when washed, so it can be used for a long time.
The specifications and texture are completely different from those of conventional microfiber bedspreads.

Multi 2WAY type

Flat massage beds and folding beds can accommodate sizes up to W80 x L195 cm.
Since there are two slits on the side part, it is possible to attach the arm with the cover attached to the facial bed.

Soft and superb touch

By making the pile lengths uneven at 4 mm and 5.5 mm, the three-dimensional effect is increased, and the fiber itself is also softened.
The microfiber provides a soft and fluffy feel.

Excellent water absorption and heat retention

By making the surface of the fiber a polygonal cross-sectional structure, it creates fine gaps and quickly absorbs moisture and sweat.
It boasts about three times the water absorption of ordinary cotton towel materials, and has excellent heat retention because the ultrafine fibers take in air.

Outstanding quick-drying

Ultra-fine fibers diffuse moisture quickly and have excellent breathability.
Salon work is also safe because it dries quickly after washing.


Safety is significantly improved from the conventional ultra-low formaldehyde.

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