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Throw Sheer Color 100g

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SHEER COLOR that achieves high tone color with complementary color, color and alkali

The SHEER COLOR series offers complex and delicate high-tone colors, including complementary colors, colors, and alkalinity.
Pursuing something that can only be expressed with high tones, we have made it possible to create vivid, clear, and sheer expressions by layering colors without turbidity.

Wrap yourself in soft light and freely manipulate transparency.
What we valued was our commitment to transparency. The strength of the four carefully selected colors that beautifully transform yellow allows you to freely manipulate the translucency you want and achieve a variety of sheer color expressions.

"EX WAT ERRICHCREAM prescription*" that softens high tones

Adopted "EXWATER RICH CREAM formula*" with less oil content than before, according to the characteristics of the target hair, which tends to be hydrophilic. * Approximately 13% less oil content (compared to our company) While reducing the tangling peculiar to bleached hair, it holds more dye and penetrates into the hair. Enables soft and clear color development in the high tone area.

Base color design that pursues the expression of softness

We have developed a new base color that combines sheer pink and sheer gray to express softness, centered on sheer lavender, which is indispensable for controlling high tones. By layering complementary colors and soft colors, we have achieved a powerful yet sheer color that is not cloudy.

Alkaline setting ideal for high tone undertones

Precisely because the hair is highly bleached and delicate, we have set the minimum amount of alkali* necessary to achieve both beautiful coloring and care for the hair.
* Equivalent to THROW 3Lv

Coupler dye that achieves sheer color change

One color agent contains intermediate dyes that are good at expressing depth and coupler dyes that are good at expressing vividness. Demonstrates excellent coloring performance, such as tone control for undertones.
However, in the high tone area, it causes turbidity when fading and residual tint. We have adopted a unique blend that greatly increases the number of coupler dyes to reduce residual tint at the next visit while enjoying the color change that can only be found in high tone.

Recommended recipe

■C/00 and White, which expands the expressive range of SHEER
THROW C/00 and White, the difference between the two expressing softness becomes clearer in high-tone colors.
[Example] Sheer: C/00 (1:1)
[Example] Sheer: White (1:1)

■Recommended pale recipe that SHEER can achieve
A variety of pale colors can be easily expressed with a mix recipe with conventional THROW.
[Example] Sheer: Slow Fashion Color + C/00 (1:1) + 2x

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