Matsukaze Pretreatment Lotion For Eyelash Extension 200ML 16290

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Ultra-popular products considering sensitive skin without damaging eyelashes
It is a pretreatment lotion of domestic cosmetics registered already weakly acidic friendly to hair, skin.
[Role of pretreatment in eyelash extension treatment]
Before installing eyelash extensions, you must remove dirt such as oils and lipids that have adhered to the eyelashes. It is important to apply lipid treatment (which also serves as bacterial treatment) as dirt adhering to the eyelashes may cause bacterial infection if attached directly without pretreatment. Also, dirt will weaken the glue's bond strength and the duration of the extension will be shortened.
窶サ "Please clean the eyelashes and dry thoroughly" Please practice
[How to use]
For wiping off the lashes such as eyelashes before mounting, please use a cotton swab or cotton soaked in an appropriate amount so that it does not drip.
Contents amount: 200 ml
All components: (窶サ does NOT use a fat-soluble raw material)
Water, Ethanol, BG, Calendula flower extract, Arnica flower extract, Sea cucumber extract, Camomile flower extract, Sea japonica extract, Zeniaoi extract, Fuyubododje flower extract, Sage leaf extract, Sugino extract, Methyl paraben
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